Blue Marine Yacht Club

The Ocean’s Favourite Club

The BMYC is about uniting the yachting community, people with a close connection to the sea and who understand its
importance now and for future generations. Yacht owners, captains, builders, brokers, designers and marinas are involved, committing their expertise, money and global influence to secure its future.

As BMYC members, they are on the front line of marine conservation. They are influencers, supporting our quest to save the oceans, mobilising others with shared values, who love the ocean and are able to direct major resources to tackle the problems it faces.

Join the Oceans’ Favourite Club Joining the Club is a statement of intent, a positive action to influence the way the
oceans are treated for years to come. By making a donation to the BMYC, you are directly supporting Blue Marine Foundation and its many global projects working towards a healthier marine environment.

To find out how you can join the Blue Marine Yacht Club and help make a meaningful difference to the protection
and future health of our ocean contact: [email protected]

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