On the 19th of February 2021, the 141.6-metre NORD (previously Project Opus) left the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen, Germany, and began her maiden voyage.

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As Lurssen’s fifth entry into the world’s top 10 largest yachts, NORD has been almost constantly in the headlines during her near five-year build. But it is not her stature but a uniquely spectacular design that has driven interest.

Both the interior exterior designs are the work of the Italian studio Nuvolari-Lenard, who have given NORD her striking appearance with a squared bow design never before seen on a yacht. “NORD was designed with one idea in mind: she must cause strong emotions in every observer, not only through her sheer size but with the design itself. No one should be left indifferent,” says Dan Lenard. “Whether you like the design or not, it must strike you. NORD is a serious ship first and foremost, but she also transcends the traditional language of yacht design. She is a warship wearing a tuxedo, an explorer with the elegance of a gentleman’s yacht. We have entered a new direction in serious yacht design.”

Notable features are myriad, with a clever retracting helicopter hangar on the upper deck an impressive example. An equally powerful tender fleet will accompany the yacht, with space for up to 15m (50ft) craft in the tender bay.
As the world’s premier large yacht constructor, Lurssen is no stranger to creating the spectacular in both size and style, with two other 100m-plus launches in recent months. “At Lürssen, we believe that to build a yacht it is vital to work as a team, and to execute such a comprehensive project, an excellent team is necessary,” says Managing Partner, Peter Lürssen. “We are looking forward to NORD finding her place as a remarkable statement

in large yacht construction, based on a strong design and expert engineering skills.”
The team for NORD’s construction consisted of Nuvolari-Lenard, Moran Yacht & Ship, which supervised the build on behalf of the Owner, and, of course, the project team from Lürssen. Moran Yacht & Ship brought in their vast spectrum of experience and consolidated knowledge. Robert Moran says: “We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Owner of NORD on the delivery of his new vessel. Additionally, we would like to thank the workers of the Lürssen shipyard, as well as the design and build team on this tremendous accomplishment.”


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