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Leading the global energy movement through clean sustainable investments.

“We offer risk balanced, superior returns to investors while delivering enduring social, economic and environmental benefits in the geographies we operate in”.

There is a growing awareness over the negative impacts of climate change on the planet, with the need for an energy transition away from fossil fuels to low-carbon options never greater nor more necessary. At the same time, a more complete culture of sustainability is required.

Insightful investment
Sustainability is one of the biggest issues of our time. We are all responsible for helping to lay the foundations for prosperous but also sustainable and inclusive societies for ourselves and future generations. However, it is not possible to grasp the growing opportunities or to overcome the myriad risks that we are facing today, as well as those in
the not-too-distant future, without channeling responsible investment. The incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors in investment decision-making and ownership is no longer seen as a niceto-do but a must-do. Investors are increasingly seeking to enhance their portfolio performance through more insightful evaluation of
long-term risk factors, and by identifying new investment opportunities that take into account the rapidly-evolving needs and desires of their beneficiaries and clients.

The Assetly Fund
Assetly Investment Platform is a specialist energy infrastructure fund focused on greenfield and brownfield renewable projects in solar and onshore wind. The focus of the fund is to provide consistent and stable returns to investors through robust and active investment risk management whilst being fully led and compliant with environment,
social and governance (ESG) directives. With issues such as climate change and income inequality affecting us
all in one way or another, Assetly Investment Partners are committed to working to achieve the Principles for Responsible Investments (The United Nations Environment Programme Finance and United Nations Global Compact mission: a sustainable global financial system that rewards its users financially and benefits the
environment and society.

Assetly Investment Thesis
This investment platform is being structured to create a fund with a 1 billion Euro valuation and 1GW assets under management (AUM) by Assetly projects are designed and sized financially in an optimal way to secure investor returns and debt servicing even in potential situations of price and demand fluctuation by monitoring and active
management of these main drivers. The investment platform targets to create a forward-looking investment and asset management portfolio, adding a further 2GW of wind and solar projects by 2027.

“We are proud signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment;
in spirt and practice”

Commitment to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) with Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

We firmly believe that embedding environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards across our business
operations and investment activities creates sustainable value for all of our stakeholders – from clients and their beneficiaries to employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate. We seek to contribute meaningfully to transitioning to a carbon-neutral world while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We are guided by our collective shared values: Sustainability: Each of our investments is required to achieve
measurable CO2 savings and contribute to social sustenance. Innovation: We actively lead the way with the use of technology and investment innovation. Performance: Committed to a prudent investment approach to achieve a reliable and superior risk-adjusted performance for our investors.

Risk Mitigation and Investment Returns Maximisation
We are guided by robust risk mitigation and investment returns measures through the following key measures:

Balance of investment returns between higher returns from investment in greenfield projects versus stable lower returns from brownfield assets

Operate exclusively in OECD USD/EUR markets providing country risk protection

Balance of investment grade offtakers providing stable revenues versus pool price mechanisms for opportunistic
maximisation of revenues

Forex and hedge price mechanisms to achieve stability against currency fluctuations.

The Assetly Seed Portfolio
Assetly’s seed platform combines ready-to-build greenfield and early-stage greenfield projects to deliver a paced investment return. Located across Latin America and Europe, these seed projects are expected to deliver over 500MW of clean energy to these respective regions. The seed portfolio will be followed by a subsequent tranche of 500W projects to complete Tranche 1, the initial investment thesis of 1GW. Subsequently, Tranche 2 will aim to develop and execute projects of upto 3GW.

Why choose Assetly?
Typical project development timescales for a 250MW Solar project are around four years, starting from the initial feasibility study through to land acquisition, licensing and environmental permissions through to the final securing of finance. We aim to be a platform of managed investment agility, significantly speeding up investment returns. Seed projects secured for the investor provide a capital deployment position immediately, cutting down the time required for project development.

Assetly Key Advantages
Potential investment partners will be investing in high quality ‘ready to build’ projects that are capable of rapid capital deployment. Utility-scale renewable energy projects are able to absorb larger ticket sizes of investment effectively.
Assetly Investment Partners have achieved full exclusivity to a pipeline of projects in solar and wind. This grants us the ability to commit to securing projects without market competition and hence deliver an increasingly large portfolio of assets under management. Potential investment partners in the fund in the initial investment tranche will be given preferential access to funding future tranches of investments. This provides an investor with a strategic investment
growth plan for the years to come.

Our value delivery process
Assetly provides a full-circle asset placement and management capability with a stellar asset management team.

Asset sourcing
Our specialist team brings onboard industry knowledge and access to all main market entities including Commercial (business developers, vendors), Regulatory (government market operators and regulators), Financial (Banks, Lenders) and Execution (EPC contractors, OEMs) players. This allows our team to decide upon optimal timing and
speed of entrance for specific assets and markets.

Secure funding
Our understanding of the investors approach to investing, value drivers, general practices and reporting procedures allow us to adapt our business model to different geographies and cater to diverse investor return expectations.

Transaction structuring
Our team has the ability to execute transactions in a short period of time, ensuring complete coordination of the entire acquisition process from the due diligence to the negotiation, signing and execution of the share purchase agreement.
Development and portfolio integration We have proven capacity to integrate assets in a short time frame, covering the full skill-set range from operations, technical management to the administrative control (permits, licenses and approvals procedures) as well as the negotiation, signing and execution of the power purchase agreement (PPA) and engineering, procurement and construction agreements (EPC). Technology-enabled, active asset management
We manage long term operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts with reliable counterparties to provide tight control over the assets with 24-hour oversight, conduct day to day effective and proactive operations management and cost control plans. With active use of modern technology resources like artificial intelligence and Internet of Things enabled sensors, our team ensures operational de-risking initiatives seeking to improve plant performance as
well as the implementation of quality periodic reporting and synergies extraction.

Assetly Founding Partners

Harish Gopal

Harish Gopal and Luis Felipe Suarez Olea are the founding partners of Assetly Investment Partners. Collectively they bring onboard 40+ years of experience in Investment Banking, Asset Management and specialisation in the Energy and
Utilities sector.

Luis Felipe Suarez Olea

In addition to the founding partners, Assetly team features a range of expert advisors, sector specialists and senior board members from across the Energy & Utility industry and national political roles.

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